In order to challenge existing social, business, industry, market and academic dogmas we organize talks, panels, round-table discussions and conferences which provide inspiring insights to diverse stakeholders. The goal is to train the mind by inspiring passion and engagement and explore new ingenious perspectives that will (re)shape the competitive landscape of the future.


Talks presented by Innovation Institute’s Academic Council Members – renowned professors from world’s leading business schools. The focus of talks is on challenging diverse business principles and concepts, which are often used as given, and providing cutting-edge insights that will influence the competitive landscape and potentially re-define and disrupt industries, markets and companies.


Programs which focus on defining and challenging dominant logic of industries (underlying assumptions which shape industries), functions (underlying assumptions of different functions – HR, marketing, sales, finance, IT) and concepts (exploring underlying assumptions behind concepts which are shaping business).


Panels of leaders from Innovation Institute’s partner companies and Innovation Institute’s Academic Council Members – renowned professors from world’s leading business schools. Goal is to provide a platform for discussions of thought leaders in business and academia in order to provide A Different View on business theory and practice.


Roundtable discussions focusing on topics and concepts of general public interest (tax system, education, business environment, digitalization, artificial intelligence) and their impact on economy and society. Round table participants are Innovation Institute Academic Council Members and top regional leaders from Innovation Institute’s partner companies.


Global Business Conference (GBC) as well as the Global Education, Teaching and Learning Conference (GETL) are designed as platforms for academics which provide inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary discussions aiming at understanding contemporary complex business and education challenges and structuring them into new insights for future contributions.

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