Ingenuity refers to individual/team’s ability to utilize their maximum cognitive capacity (in terms of creative/strategic thinking and logical, fundamental-principles, reasoning), in order to deliver structured, original, insightful and impactful solutions to problems that matter.

Ingenuity delivers the “smarts” to the “efforts” of an organization/team/ individual thus driving exponential returns on efforts (rather than diminishing returns which otherwise occur)


Brain as an optimizing mechanism

Human mind innately resorts to the simplest operating mechanism (using the least amount of energy) in order to deliver satisficing solutions (not the best, not the optimal, not the most creative solutions – but the minimum viable solutions). Therefore, outcomes in organizations predominantly depend on the level of effort (quantity and quality).

Have your mind work with you, not against you

Innovation Institute works with HR teams and managers of teams to maximize individual/ team creative capacity and logical reasoning capacity at both abstract and applied levels – in order to stimulate their minds to work with them, and not against them, even in the most complex thought processes: strategic and creative thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.

Important strategic role of Human Resources

This adds an important strategic role to HR of maximizing ingenuity in individuals and teams to drive exponential returns to business efforts. In such context HR is simultaneously a business partner, but also driver of exponential returns to business efforts – as it maximizes the level of ingenuity and ensures continuous process of (re)definition of assumptions on which jobs, teams, organizations, markets and industries are based.

Ingenuity enables individuals, teams and organizations to:

Drive short-term

Excell at existing business driving short-term results by understanding explicit/ implicit logic as assumptions behind existing business.

Drive long-term

Achieve strategic long-term results by specifying boundary conditions of existing logic and understanding possible new logic which can disrupt the status quo.

Drive engagement & passion

Drive opportunities for employees to grow continuously by driving engagement, passion and delivering key creative/ strategic value to the organization.

Innovation Institute’s approach to igniting ingenuity integrates insights from biology of human mind, psychology of human problem-solving and decision-making, sociology of human interactions and economics of value-creation in order to provide insights, tools and frameworks which develop individual/team's capability to simultaneously apply two of the most complex cognitive processes:


Characterized by one's ability to imagine novel and meaningful possibilities (i.e. hypothetical options) utilizing a structured process in which creativity and innovation become logical conclusions rather than random events.


Characterized by one's ability to identify and structure logical relationships (existing/possible//explicit/implicit) between underlying assumptions (i.e. fundamental principles) driving the logic of observable outcomes.


We are looking forward to working with our partners on enhancing organizational capability to drive ingenuity in individuals and teams, further enhancing the strategic role of human and his/her ingenuity in delivering exponential returns to efforts.


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