Innovation Institute`s approach to consulting implements three key pillars in working with partner organizations:

Fundamental Principles Thinking

Which allows for thinking at the underlying-principles level, understanding their current/ potential states (dynamics over time), and their current/potential interactions (mutual quantitative and qualitative influences)

Academic Rigor

Which ensures that research (qualitative/ quantitative) will deliver valuable insights, implementing falsification approach to testing hypotheses/assumptions

Integrated efforts with company employees

Which ensures that top individuals in an organization will be engaged and contribute their ingenuity to the ingenuity of the company
In consulting activities we work with individuals and teams to evaluate the existing situationexplore potentials and develop strategies/activities to bridge the GAP in order to achieve remarkable outcomes that matter.

existing situation

  • Defining the reference point
  • Defining the box
  • Specifying realities
  • Evaluating ingenuity of existing efforts


  • Changing the reference point
  • Challenging the box
  • Imagining opportunities
  • Exploring potential ingenuity of efforts

the GAP

  • Operationalization and implementation
  • Changing the box
  • Transforming opportunities into realities
  • Delivering on ingenuity

Our consulting projects focus on three different levels:


Working with company`s top management on defining and structuring underlying principles and explicit/implicit assumptions at: a) industry; b) market and c) organization level. Focus is on identifying and challenging the existing logic of business and exploring new potential logic(s). Throughout the process we work together with top managers on the “falsification approach to strategy” in order to re-specify the existing competitive game in which the company is competing and structure new competitive game(s) which will (re)shape the competitive landscape of the future.


Working with middle managers and their teams to deliver outcomes which focus on: a) maximizing results/impact (delivering ingenuity to existing team efforts); b) maximizing likelihood of delivering defined outcomes (reducing risk) and c) minimizing probability of failure (specifying industry/market/company context and utility functions of different stakeholders). Throughout the process we work together with individuals and teams on developing ambidextrous capabilities which encompass understanding strategy as a set of assumptions and translating strategy into processes and projects built on top of these assumptions in order to deliver desired outcomes.


Working with individuals and teams at: a) strategic level – designing structure, processes, culture and leadership which facilitate and foster ingenious projects as a continuous processb) project level – planning and executing projects through defining, challenging and testing project assumptions (rather than ideas) which allows organizations to learn from “smart mistakes”. Throughout the process we work with management in order to create a context which allows projects to discover and project teams in order to plan, develop and execute on ingenious solutions for problems that matter.

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