In order to develop ingenuity, we work with insightful and audacious individuals, teams and organizations who dare to challenge themselves and challenge the status quo. We focus on providing breadth of insights through open-enrollment programs, depth of insights through customized in-house EduCon® programs and inspiring insights through talks, discussions and events/conferences.

Our education and development activities encompass:

Our open-enrollment programs are unique worldwide as they gather world-class professors from top universities, who have significantly impacted their respective fields and who provide breadth of insights and diverse perspectives on challenges in various business areas which top managers (Advanced Program in Business), middle managers (Leadership Program) and talents (Intrapreneurship Academy) will face in the business ecosystems of the future.
In-house programs focus on (Re)Defining Underlying principles of: (a)projects and their goals; (b)functions and their goals, (c) organization and its strategic options. EduCon® approach integrates education and consulting where we challenge organizations, teams and individuals to specify the logic of their current competitive game and identify possible competitive games – and likely future logic within the industry/market/ organization/function/project.

We seek to challenge existing dogmas and provide inspiring insights to diverse stakeholders by providing and organizing Talks and Presentations (which focus on challenging leadership insights), Thought Experiments (which focus on defining and challenging dominant logic of industries), A Different View Panels (which focus on discussions between thought leaders in business and academia), Fundamental Thinkers Club (which focus on discussing topics and concepts of general public interest) and Global Business Conference & Global Education, Teaching and Learning Conference (platform for academics which provides inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary discussions aiming at understanding contemporary complex business and education challenges).


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