In order to tackle and solve specific and important challenges and develop ingenuity at all organization levels, Innovation Institute develops tailor made In-house EduCon® programs. Using our licensed EduCon® approach we work with top management and top talents in organizations to drive organizational evolution toward ingenious organizations which can simultaneously balance exploration and exploitation; innovation and efficiency/excellence; value creation and value dissemination; creative/strategic thinking and logical reasoning.

Innovation Institute In-house EduCon® programs focus on (Re)Defining Underlying principles of:

Projects and
their goals

Functions and
their goals

Organization and
its strategic options

Using Innovation Institute’s proprietary EduCon® approach which integrates education and consulting, we challenge organizations, teams and individuals to specify the logic of their current competitive game and identify possible competitive games – and likely future logic within the industry, market, organization, function and project.

Throughout the program we integrate abstract and applied knowledge that enables thinking outside the predefined boxes of companies/ markets/industries and explores new opportunities for ingenuity and growth of projects/functions/companies through interaction with participants. EduCon® approach considers the specificities of each individual, team, company, market and industry and develops customized solutions that ignite and deliver on ingenuity.

Grounded in research from biology of human mind, psychology of human problem-solving and decision-making, sociology of human interactions and economics of value-creation, Innovation Institute`s unique methodologies, processes and frameworks enable organizations to set up structures, systems, processes and culture which enable development of ingenuity at all levels. Such approach leads not only to identifying new opportunities, but also to setting up systems which persistently discover and exploit opportunities for new value creation.


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