Innovation Institute`s integrated set of open-enrollment programs introduce mindset-development learning and foundations for exploring opportunities outside organizations` regular and existing business. With a systematic and structured approach to developing all management levels and tackling underlying principles and challenges in building ingenuity, we aim at establishing strong foundations for company growth and enhancing ingenuity potentials

Our open-enrollment programs are unique worldwide as they gather world-class professors from top universities (Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Yale, Wharton, Bocconi, London Business School etc.) who have significantly impacted their respective fields and have consulted world`s leading corporations (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Coca-Cola, Heineken, 3M, Shell, Visa, Unilever, P&G). Throughout the programs they provide breadth of insights, diverse perspectives and cutting-edge knowledge, research and consulting experience on challenges in various business areas.

Innovation Institute Open-enrollment programs:

Company senior leaders should be the ones who can abstract themselves from company and industry daily realities to understand and question underlying dogmas of value creation. APB aims to challenge leaders to step outside their comfort zones (“their boxes”) and identify value-creation opportunities through structured approach to creativity and innovation. Modules focus on understanding underlying principles of business, so participants develop capabilities to go beyond implementation of “best practices” and to be the creators of their industry’s and company`s future.
Middle management is generally the most numerous management level in companies, with a challenging task where they need to be able to think strategically and execute operationally at the same time. Their role is even more complex, as they need to think strategically, but might have limited impact on strategy, and need to translate strategy into execution, but without being involved in the execution itself. Therefore, as their role is challenging (i.e. rather “unnatural” to human nature), this program aims to equip middle managers with the right mindset and knowledge to balance across levels and goals.
Talents are the foundation of the future of any organization. Therefore, IA program focuses on developing capabilities of talents (high potential employees recognized as company`s future leaders) to maximize their potential for creative thinking and fundamental-principles thinking in order to create intrapreneurial opportunities for value creation within their jobs, organizational units and organization as a whole. As a result of the program, participants develop intrapreneurial projects who are presented to supervisors and directors/board members along with Innovation Institute Academic Council members.

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