In order to understand ingenuity as characteristic of an individual and his/her fit with the role and the team/department and of an organization, we identify and evaluate ingenuity both within a pool of existing and/or potential employees and teams.

We provide assessments on three different levels:


Evaluating innate and context specific aptitude toward utilizing imagination (creative thinking) and logic (fundamental-principles thinking) in contexts of (a) business-as-usual, (b) exploitation activities, (c) exploration activities, at different stages of (i) envisioning, (ii) operationalizing, and (iii) executing on ingenious solutions to problems that matter.


Evaluating distribution of individuals’ ingenuity within teams (project teams, departments) in order to determine team members’ fit (as cultural contribution) with a goal to determining teams with high likelihood of envisioning, operationalizing and executing on ingenuity within their domain of responsibility.


Culture of ingenuity implies organizational values and processes which simultaneously counter the non-creativity and analogical reasoning which are inherent in humans – in order to drive creative thinking and logical reasoning to deliver ingenious outcomes. Focus is on (a) approach (the extent to which organization values creative thinking and fundamental-principles thinking which jointly drive ingenuity in envisioning, operationalization and execution); (b) focus (organizational preference for cost-of-competing business, exploitation business, and exploration business), and (c) and risk (organizational preference for false positives vs. false negatives).

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