Advanced Program in Business is one of the world’s leading executive education programs. It is unique worldwide as it includes only senior professors who are at the peak of their careers – from a set of world`s leading business schools, together with top regional leaders to deliver on ingenuity.

Gathering only the world leading scholars from best global business schools!

Professors that lecture at APB have some of the most cited papers in the world and are editors of top journals. Thus, APB professors are influencing the past and the future of their respective disciplines. World-class faculty in this program will provide CEE managers not only with an overview of current state of knowledge in each discipline, but also with insights into key trends that are the most likely to shape future competitive landscapes. Thus, participants have the chance to interact with world-renowned professors and thought leaders: the authors of ideas that have redefined modern management practices. Besides their academic qualities, APB professors are strategy consultants to some of the world’s largest corporations (Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Coca-Cola, 3M, World Bank, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft and many more).

Wide context in key areas for every top manager!

Advanced Program in Business has been designed in accordance with executive programs in top international business schools and covers a range of business topics in five key areas for top managers: INNOVATION, CORPORATE STRATEGY, MARKETING & SALES, HR MANAGEMENT and FINANCE. Thus, APB allows top managers to break their everyday routines and explore numerous opportunities outside their companies. With diverse perspectives from different areas, managers comprehend a wider context that enables them to seek for new opportunities that can create long-term value for the company.

Creating meaningful change from the top!

Participant profile encompasses leading managers and entrepreneurs that would like to excel in their understanding of key challenges facing them in today’s and future business context. We look forward to great candidates: managers and entrepreneurs in charge of strategic decisions, who have an open mind and are ready to take a step out of their day-to-day activities and focus on strategic issues. We are looking for a remarkable set of intellectuals to participate in APB in order to foster intense interactions, extraordinary insights and amazing networking.

Advanced Program in Business lecturers (11/2020 - 07/2021):

  • prof. William Barnett (Stanford)
  • prof. Sim Sitkin (Duke)
  • prof. Michael Ahearne (Houston)
  • prof. Rajesh Chandy (London Business School)
  • prof. Ajay Kohli (GA Tech)
  • prof. Gregory Carpenter (Kellogg – Northwestern)
  • prof. John Deighton (Harvard)
  • prof. Bulent Gultekin (Wharton)
Participants who take comprehensive set of modules will be invited for a bonus module on „Driving exponential value-creation through ingenuity“ by prof. Goran Vlašić – Innovation Institute Council Chair.

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