Advanced Program in Business

APB brings together world’s leading professors and regional entrepreneurs and managers in intense interactions to break away from existing industry dogmas and firm routines in order to be the leaders of their industry’s future.

Intrapreneurship Academy

Intense program focused on young employees – talents, with a goal of developing their intrapreneurial motivation, knowledge and skills. Program is focused on merging abstract theoretical knowledge with practical business challenges.

Leadership Program

Open-enrollment educational programs focused on value generating strategies. ¸It focuses on the core of each field through intense discussions with the leading regional scholars.

Thinkers’ Impact Series

Thinkers’ Impact Series provides a platform for multi-directional discussions between key stakeholders: policy-makers, managers and entrepreneurs, academics and students – aiming to questions existing social/business dogmas.

Summer Global Business Conference – Croatia

Summer GBC is intended for academics worldwide to meet and exchange their research ideas in different research stages. Conference has been supported by Ministry of Science, Education and Sport in Croatia. Learn more at:

Winter Global Business Conference – France

Winter GBC has spun out of Summer GBC when participants and partners indicated the need for having the conference twice a year. Winter GBC is held in France in February each year. Learn more at:

Data-driven Decision-making Colloquium

Data-driven Decision-making Colloquium is an intense program for managers and researches on utilizing data for better decision-making. Focus is on research methods providing insights into marginal effects of diverse decisions.