Posao.hr – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to announce its` prolonged media partnership with one of the biggest mediators between employers and employees in Croatia, posao.hr. Posao.hr is an organization that has a goal of bringing balance to the labor market by mediating between supply and demand of jobs. Since the situation on the Croatian labor market is far from well arranged and stabilized, their work is extremely important for both the supply and demand side of the process. Due to the fact that the proportion of youth unemployment is higher than ever, finding a job as well as the right employee is a hard task nowadays. In these difficult circumstances posao.hr has defined themselves as a trustworthy partner for both sides in their task. They managed to make the job finding and job offering process really plain and simple when it is basically complicated than ever. Numerous job offers every day, search variations that enable people to find just the right job, partnership possibilities and easy ways of promoting job offers for employers are making the whole process a lot more painless. But although they strive towards final results and achievements in closing the job offers, they offer plenty of advice and guidance for people who are new in the whole process or just seek for new knowledge and methods. It is easily seen that they encourage positive change and development so that both sides benefit from this process. To support their vision and goals which they are trying to achieve, numerous projects have been started and developed. Development of human resources and awards for best HR managers, education and support for young entrepreneurs, education for students and talents as well as support and education for already employed people are just some of the goals of these projects with which they attempt to develop the labor market. Recognition on the wider market soon arrived with the acceptance in “The Network”, a global leader in online recruitment and the Croatia “Superbrands” award in 2011. Their continuous effort on developing the labor market and individuals in the process with innovative projects and methods makes posao.hr a great partner for the Innovation Institute. We strongly believe that this partnership will result in even more methods of how to make the Croatian market and economy a better place for every employer and employee in the days ahead.