Ambidextrous Innovation System

Innovation Institute’s Ambidextrous Innovation System (AIS) model was developed by Innovation Institute’s Academic Council to facilitate organizations’ development into an ambidextrous organization: an organization capable of enhancing excellence and efficiency within existing business domain (exploitation) while simultaneously pursuing fundamental innovations which open up opportunities in new business domains (exploration). To deliver optimal results, AIS Model utilizes Innovation Institute’s proprietary tools to simultaneously challenge strategic management (which focuses on strategy and building systems), and talents (which focus on developing and operationalizing projects for new opportunities for organic growth).

Throughout the process we integrate education and consulting through the EduCon© approach to creating new value through innovation. This approach integrates abstract and applied knowledge that enables thinking outside the predefined boxes of companies/industries/markets and explores new opportunities for growth and development of companies/projects through interaction with participants. EduCon© approach considers the specificities of each individual, team, company, market and industry and develops Ambidextrous Innovation Systems through the following model:

  1. Participants’ Engagement

    Developing a Value-creating Mindset

    FOCUS: Understanding Human Limitations
    OUTCOME: Adopted Value-creating Mindset

  2. Problem Diagnostics

    Re-specifying Underlying Assumptions and Principles

    FOCUS: Identifying Underlying Assumptions
    OUTCOME: Specified Strategic/Project Domains

  3. Solution Specification

    Re-imagining Space of Opportunities

    FOCUS: Challenging Underlying Assumptions
    OUTCOME: Specified Strategic/Project Options and Trajectories

  4. Selection and Implementation

    Operationalizing Selected Solutions

    FOCUS: Structuring Strategic/Project Options
    OUTCOME: Selected Strategic/Project Options

  5. Ambidextrous Innovation System Initiation

    Launching Ambidextrous Innovation System

    FOCUS: Systemic Approach to Ambidexterity
    OUTCOME: Implemented Ambidextrous System


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