Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization with a goal of developing regional innovation potentials by nurturing creativity, innovation, unorthodox thinking and dogma questioning. We aim at connecting academia and practice to develop approaches that aim at value creation and not mere value dissemination. So far Innovation Institute has organised several highly successful projects and we have initiated a number of new programs. Some of the major programs are:

  • ADVANCED PROGRAM IN BUSINESS – leading regional executive education program bringing the world’s best scholars from top business schools: Harvard, Stanford, Bocconi, GATech, London Business School, Duke, Northwestern, INSEAD and Wharton for a comprehensive executive education program.
  • LEADERSHIP PROGRAM – educational programs for leaders addressing value generating strategies at the core of challenging disciplines and industries.
  • INTRAPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY – a highly engaging program on structured approach to developing ideas, transfering them into projects and developing implementation blueprints.
  • DATA-DRIVEN DECISION-MAKING COLLOQUIUM – program which presents contemporary knowledge on using data analytics for enhanced decision-making
  • GLOBAL BUSINESS CONFERENCE – bringing together around 100 scholars annually from around the world to present their research and discuss the approaches to improving the economy and business in the expected future contexts.
  • THINKERS’ IMPACT SERIES – allowing interested individuals to hear presentations and participate in discussions with leading regional scientists / managers / entrepreneurs.
  • EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – high-quality in-house education program for managers of companies that have their headquarters in CEE region
  • PUBLISHING – dissemination of key ideas through journals and books

In our programs, we integrate education and consulting through the EduCon® approach to creating new value through innovation. This approach integrates abstract and applied knowledge that enables thinking outside the predefined boxes of companies/industries/markets and explores new opportunities for growth and development of companies/projects through interaction with participants. EduCon® approach considers the specificities of each individual, team, company, market and industry and develops customized solutions through a combination of the following programs:

  1. Open enrollment programs introduce the latest findings in the field of business occurring in leading regional and global studies of professors (from Harvard, Stanford, London Business School, INSEAD, Northwestern, Wharton and others)

  2. In-house programs focus on solving specific problems distinctive to certain companies/teams by identifying challenges and assumptions as well as developing innovative solutions with interactions between management/talents and leading regional/global scholars.

You can view our activities on our web sites, social networks and YouTube channels (www.youtube.com/APinBusiness). On APB YouTube channel it is possible to hear excerpts from lectures of top scholars, as well as to hear the perceptions of professors and participants on the APB and Innovation Institute.