As a logical outcome of evaluating and developing ingenuity, an organization will create prerequisites for continuous ingenuity within an organization, thus further increasing the strategic role of a human within an organization and that the system can arise as a logical next step of well-defined assumptions. The goal is to design a system which discovers and fosters ingenuity on all levels of the organization.

Building Ingenuity systems encompasses:


Digital Learning Library provides partner’s employees to access relevant content (readings, tools and frameworks) for individuals and teams to challenge themselves and support their creative thinking and fundamental-principles thinking in addressing problems that matter. Library contains content which:
  • provide readings that expose individuals/teams to A Different View on their job, team/ department, company, industry and market – thus providing them reference points for exerting maximum value from their innate analogical reasoning approaches
  • integrates tools and frameworks to train and stimulate individual/team/organizational creative thinking and fundamental-principles thinking in innovative/creative endeavors, strategic thinking, decision-making and problem-solving and planning.
Ingenuity platform zeleni


Ingenuity platform provides digital support for individuals, teams and organizations to counter individual/team limitations in creative/strategic thinking by guiding them through a system of creative/strategic approach to problem-solving, decision-making, and planning which encompasses:
  1. creating ideas – utilizing a structured individual/team efforts using different methodologies, such
    as brain storming, design thinking, etc.
  2. transforming ideas into assumptions (i.e. logic)
  3. testing assumptions by utilizing available data and running experiments by utilizing diverse
    approaches to test the assumptions (such as SCRUM, A-B testing, etc.)
  4. transforming assumptions into projects
  5. implementing and managing projects as a set of milestone-focused conversations with diverse project-management plan-and-execute approaches between those milestones (such as SCRUM, Lean 6-sigma, waterfall/phased approach, iterative project management, process based, etc.) 
Such approach delivers maximum value to an organization/team/individual in envisioning, developing and implementing strategic and operational choices.


In order to persistently counter the innate individual/team limitations in creative/strategic thinking, focus is on building organizational capabilities in mentoring individuals and teams to persistently deliver on ingenuity and thus drive exponential returns to efforts. It develops a select set of individuals within the organization to explore and understand underlying principles of stimulating human ingenuity – building their capabilities through stages of Junior/Intermediate/Senior/Tenured Consultants, depending on: (a) individual-level mentorship results; (b) team-level mentorship results; (c) process-level mentorship results; (d) outcome-level mentorship results. Ingenuity consulting team can be developed in one of the following ways:
  1. Individual in charge of leading creative-thinking and fundamental-principles thinking sessions (within HR, within department and/or as part of strategy team)
  2. Ingenuity Consulting Team, organized as:
    1. Team within HR team – working with all business units, departments and teams
    2. Separate team – working with all business units, departments and teams
    3. Team within a certain department/team – focused on delivering ingenuity within the department’s/team’s domain of responsibilities.

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