HR Centar – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to announce its` prolonged partnership with HR Center, a professional association of employees in human resources management. HR Center was founded in order to promote the development and improvement of HR as a brand, its` recognition on the Croatian labor market, improve the HR profession and to educate and interfuse HR experts . Through their work, they enable continuous development and construction of high-quality HR Network to HR professionals.  Some of their notable projects are: HR Codex – a document that typifies excellence in human resource management and encourages experts to implement its provisions in the future, Mentorship program – a program through which members of the HR Centre can get support and guidance from eminent experts in certain areas, HR Summit – annual conference of HR professionals attended by top speakers from the field of human resources who pass on their knowledge and experience through lectures and workshops, Prometheus – Award for the Best HR Manager of the year – elected and proposed by the profession itself which is a confirmation of quality for HR experts in the professional community. Due to the constantly increasing importance of Human Resource Management in the last couple of years in business, their job is, therefore, even more responsible and valuable for the business community. Since the research shows that in a company it is more important to put the right person in the right position than to have a great project, it is very important to have an association like HR Center who gathers the best HR managers to discuss and evaluate important issues that concern their profession. Given their continuous development of new programs and ways of influencing and developing the HR profession in Croatia, HR Center represents a great partner for the Innovation Institute. Since our goals are very much alike, we are more than convinced that this partnership will benefit both sides in various ways that will result in great achievements.