Business Magazine – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to announce a new partnership with Business Magazine, one of the leading magazines in business community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since their founding 10 years ago, they strived towards developing relevant business content based on research, data and facts that can help drive solutions in the business community. What differentiates them is their willingness to explore phenomenon in business and provide an opportunity for all interested parties to present their views, opinions and arguments. Based on that they create and deliver solutions on certain issues which could benefit all interested parties. Apart from that, they create case studies which allow to explore best practices and derive examples and principles that could be applied in companies from the region. In the printed editions of Business Magazine, which comes out every other Monday, you can find the most current topics, information, attractive business speakers from the business world, the business environment of BiH, the region and the whole world. They are proud to announce that in their first decade of doing business they have published 261 printed editions, they`ve worked with more than 1,000 customers and clients, interviewed more than 5,000 interlocutors, they have more than 7,000 subscribers and so far more than 10,000 stories have been published. Just recently they have redesigned their magazine and business portal in order to keep up with the ongoing demand of their loyal customers and subscribers. Since our missions are rather similar we are convinced that through this partnership we will offer numerous solutions on value creation and innovation to plenty of readers, subscribers, managers and entrepreneurs as well as create new values and benefits to all interested parties.