Zvijezda – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is proud to announce a new partnership with Zvijezda, one of the top companies in the Croatian food market. With a great history and tradition, Zvijezda has been operating successfully in the top of the Croatian food market for over 100 years. Since the opening of the first oil factory back in 1916, Zvijezda has been developing new products and technologies that have the opportunity to meet customer need throughout history. Although many things changed in customer preferences and habits through decades of doing business, Zvijezda has always been one of the top choices when it comes to oil products, margarine and mayonnaise from when it was first developed. Through their product lines, Margo and Omegol, Zvijezda successfully supplements customer needs and expands its portfolio on the market. They are present on several markets in the region with a well developed distribution system positioning then to more than 4,500 locations every month. With such impact on the consumer everyday life, Zvijezda relies strongly on the corporate social responsibility ensuring top quality and relationships to all the stakeholders and society. As such they have been recognized in 2008 with the Employer of the year award in the category of large companies for people with disabilities, as well as the Key Difference award in the category of equality of people with disabilities. We strogly believe that this partnership will bring new perspectives to both sides thus ensuring influx of new value brought by employees both in the short and long term.