Zagrebačka banka – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is proud to announce a renewed partnership with Zagrebačka banka, the largest and leading bank in Croatia. Founded back in 1914, in 2002 Zagrebačka banka became a member of the UniCredit Group. Having more than 60 thousand corporate clients and more than 1.3 million retail users, with 128 branches, 860 ATM-s, 2.7 million card users and 4,200 employees, makes them one of the best and strongest banks not just in Croatia but in the CEE region.

What makes Zagrebačka banka a market leader and competitive on the market today is the fact that it is an advisor and a partner in all customers’ specific needs and situations. It is a bank that offers reliable, open and responsible solutions driven by quality, technological innovativeness and customer centricity. It means that being a market leader has to incorporate awareness of one`s responsibility as well as the impact and needs of the community in which it operates.

Throughout history, Zagrebačka banka participated in economic development and urban design of the City of Zagreb from the very start. Supporting projects like Zagreb Electric Tram system, Zagreb Airport, Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall and many more, made them an active participant in developing the community. In 2014 Zagrebačka banka opened a time capsule “Time Vault” commemorating 100 years of successful business and inviting citizens to store an item for safekeeping during the next 100 years free of charge, sending a strong message that they plan to prevail and do business in the next 100 years.

We are pleased to continue this successful partnership with a goal to develop people even further and in a way that long-term value creation is incorporated on an individual and a company level. Our visions are faced in the same direction and we are convinced that throughout this partnership we will explore new opportunities for growth and together find ways and means to pursue them.