Studio Moderna – Silver Partner for 2014-2016




Innovation Institute is pleased to announce its` new partnership with the leading multi-channel and direct to consumer electronic retailer with a vertically integrated network in Central & Eastern Europe, Studio Moderna. Reaching a market of more than 300 million consumers across 20 countries, they achieve it through highly sophisticated, vertically integrated multi-channel sales, media, marketing and distribution platforms which include home-shopping and direct response television, local websites, catalogues, own retail stores, call center operations and via a vast network of retail & wholesale partners. The key to their successful internationalization lies in the optimization of the business model, integration of key operative functions, innovative products, development of a multi-channel distribution access to the customer, implementation of fast and efficient metrics and local management.

On the Croatian market, Studio Moderna has been successfully operating for 15 years, from it’s founding in 1999. In the period from 2010 to 2013, a growth of income of almost 100% was achieved, with a continued yearly growth that was accompanied by a 40% employment growth. The strategic focus is on the development of their own brands (Dormeo, Delimano, Kosmodisk, Walkmaxx, Wellneo, Topshop) and maintenance of the highest customer care service. That is also why the responsibilities towards the community are high on their list of priorities – they are maintained through numerous humanitarian donations to various needing organizations and individuals, projects for the improvement of quality of life for the local communities, a system of mentorship and partnership with globally recognized organizations in the promotion of knowledge entrepreneurship and the continued work on the education and improvement of the employees. Although they are a part of one of the biggest companies in the region, their continuous effort to innovate products, processes and services is simply amazing.

Constantly meeting customer needs as well as researching and finding new ways and possibilities on how to make their life better and easier is what makes Studio Moderna a great company and a great partner. We are more than convinced that throughout this partnership we will both find new solutions to our everyday challenges as well as new opportunities in the forthcoming days.