Structured Approach to Innovation

Driving Innovation at Individual and Company Level

Led by the idea that “the only constant is change”, concepts of innovation, creativity, and change have grown into mantras of today’s business and life. Although we recognize the existence of permanent change, our nature is to fight it and favor the status quo – rather than embrace it and/or drive the change. It can be argued that challenges arise from innate limitations induced by biology of human mind, psychology of decision-making, sociology of human interactions and economics of efficiency vs. value-creation – which are especially pronounced in the contexts of innovation and change, which are inherently characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty. Such contexts challenge our understanding of planning and executing plans to deliver results. Such contexts require deep understanding of challenges and possible solutions for structured approach to change, at individual and organizational levels – in order to develop systems that can deliver creativity, innovation and change as logical conclusion of a well-defined process. That is why Innovation Institute proudly deliver key implications for driving innovation and creativity, arising from our research focused on understanding innate human limitations.