Školska knjiga – Partner in value-creation


We are very proud on our prolonged general partnership with the biggest and leading regional publisher, Školska knjiga. For more than six years Školska knjiga has been continuously investing in its employees through education and has been intensively developing the structured approach to innovation. This long-term partnership and cooperation has brought numerous benefits to both sides and clearly shows that as organizations we look in the same direction for the future; direction of growth, development and progress.

Školska knjiga was established in 1950 as a publishing house specialized in the education area. They have published more than 50,000 titles, with total circulation exceeding 450 million book copies. They have created more than 250 dictionaries, encyclopedias and more than 210 million copies of professional and children’s magazines. Today, Školska knjiga is a recognizable trademark of Croatian publishing and for the last 65 years, they have educated generations while bringing together the most prominent creative teams of science, education and culture.

Their contribution to Croatia`s national culture, art and science has been confirmed by many national, regional and several other awards. Their goal is to preserve the national identity throughout the globalization process and maintain the position of a leading national and regional publisher. Apart from publishing, they engage in programs that promote Croatian culture and science in the world, which is why bilingual dictionaries are important part of their portfolio. With recognizing global trends and technology development, they have developed “Školski portal”, a new social platform connecting all of the participants in the education process where they provide most recent information and allow users to create and share knowledge on an instant base that will result in learning and growth. As the means of developing and sharing knowledge change through human and technology development over time, it is important that companies like Školska knjiga engage in exploring those means and create ways in which knowledge creation and dissemination will become available and desirable to the market.

So far we have achieved great progress together, developed various projects and educational programs such as „MALI-veliki poduzetnici” and we are convinced that in the future we will create even more value for our consumers, partners, customers and our companies. We are looking forward to what future holds for our companies because through strong and long-term partnerships we develop a strong bond and a platform that allows us to rise, grow and change the world as we know it.