Recognizing and Dealing with Change

Choosing the Status Quo

Imagine your brain can detect every single change happening around you. Have in mind that change is continuously happening across space and time – within existing and across novel contexts. Just standing still and doing nothing, the change is happening – time is passing by, and earth, sun, galaxy are revolving. Now imagine it reacting to such plethora of changes simultaneously. If not simultaneously, imagine your brain evaluating and ranking observed changes by importance – deciding which to act upon and which to ignore. If it manages to decide which changes to react to – imagine your brain deciding the type and extent of reaction to the observed changes. In order to cope with change, we have learned to “ignore” constants – even if the constant is the change itself. Our ability to ignore change results in the “noise free surrounding” in form of a covert that favors safety and familiarity; well established routines and predictable outcomes. In that situation our minds often chose “not to choose” and resist change. We develop preference for the status quo thus ignoring change happening around us every day.