Pliva – Silver Partner for 2014-2016




Innovation Institute is proud to announce its new partnership with PLIVA, a member of Teva Group, one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies.

PLIVA is the largest pharmaceutical company in Croatia and one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe thanks to its highly competent employees, innovative technologies and continuous investments in production. PLIVA is also one of the major exporters in Croatia with over 80% of products intended for exports, and its major markets are Croatia, the USA and Russia. PLIVA’s production portfolio includes a high number of finished dosage forms covering almost all therapeutic groups and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Focused on development of generic and niche products, PLIVA has the broadest portfolio of generic medicines in Central and Eastern Europe. With 90 years of successful pharmaceutical experience they are dedicated to providing their customers with high quality and affordable medicines for a better quality of life.

Being a part of and a leader in the pharmaceutical industry puts an enormous amount of responsibility on their everyday activities. Having the opportunity to improve the well-being of millions of people around the globe just gives them even more motivation to be the best. Numerous awards like: Award for the Best Investment Project in Eastern Europe, Golden Record of Achievement Award, Key Difference Award, Award for Most Attractive Employers in Croatia etc., are just proving the former. Their area of business leaves no room for mistakes which is why excellence is part of their everyday routines.

In a company where research and development is one of the strongest assets, innovation is an ongoing process that constantly creates new values. Due to the fact that we both cherish innovations and value creation to such an extent, we are more than convinced that this partnership will lead to development of our potentials and new ways of making this region prosper.