Nova TV – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is proud to announce a new partnership with the leading media group and TV category brand in Croatia, Nova TV. They started airing in 2000 and are in the ownership of CME, leading media group in CEE region, since 2004.

Today Nova TV group acts as a multimedia platform – uniting television and internet. Besides Nova TV, they have several other TV channels (Doma TV, Nova World and Mini TV), as well as news portal, several thematic portals (,, and zimo) all the way to the biggest blogger service and OYO – first internet service that allows users to watch video content on demand. With such a diversified portfolio their vision is all but clear – to be the strongest multimedia platform in Croatia.

They have managed to stay on course with their vision all the way, which is recognized through their business results and viewer ratings. Nova TV and Doma TV are the most viewed channels in Croatia, “Dnevnik Nove TV” the most viewed central news programme and several other home produced programs and shows breaking records year after year. That sort of accomplishments brought them numerous awards and recognitions. Some of them are the Qaudl award for the best TV channel, the best and high-quality news and entertainment program which also made them the most trusted TV station awarded by Trusted Brand. Several agencies and research suggest that Nova TV is the most trusted and most viewed TV station in Croatia.

Although they achieve exquisite results, media industry is facing challenges under the ongoing shifts in consumer behaviour and technology, which is why innovation becomes a crucial part of the business strategy. We are very pleased to work together with Nova TV on creating new ways and means of value-creation. Structured approach to innovation and value creation is crucial for long-term development and growth and we are happy that Croatia`s best media group recognizes it and is a part of our education programs.