Nexe Grupa – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to announce a new partnership with Nexe Grupa, one of the strongest and biggest construction material companies in the region. Company`s origins go back to 1974 when the first cement factory was being built in Našice, Croatia. Throughout the years that factory, nowadays known as Našicecement, has grown in one the biggest and strongest cement factories in Croatia and in the region. Today Našicecement contemplates the majority of Nexe Grupa in terms of revenue but is also one of the most important economic subjects in Croatia. Although at first they focused on cement, in 2003 Nexe Grupa was established in order to comprehend complementary industries and production facilities to diversify their portfolio. So today Nexe Grupa encompasses cement, brick, roof tile, concrete, aggregates, concrete elements, ceramic tiles as well as building construction. In their business system they have 16 companies in diverse set of industries and all of them are situated in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their mission is to build a better future responsibly with a goal of becoming a leading producer of construction materials recognized for socially responsible business operations for all stakeholders. Nexe brand stands for trust, responsibility and quality in every segment of the construction business and is surely going to build those values in the future. We are pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate together in developing human capital in a structured way and we are more than sure that this partnership will create great value in the years to come.