Lider – Media Partner for 2014-2016




Innovation Institute is delighted to announce that the partnership with Lider has extended further, which is especially important given that  Lider is one of the leading media houses in the business sector in Croatia. Lider has a diversified set of business activities that are aimed at delivering significant and high quality information to relevant leaders and people in business. Due to the fast moving changes in the business world every day, Liders` web edition has a goal to deliver short, precise and valuable information that are applicable and have an impact on business people.

Lider business magazine is the core activity and the most important part of the Lider brand in general where they are providing highly valuable information and connecting them to social, political and business events so they could introduce the reader to the background and the true meaning of the events that took place. They are making an effort to advise and provide knowledge that is useful for the adjustment to current and future business trends so the reader could receive the maximum benefit. Other than that, special insets, conferences, events, counseling, publishing and the web library are activities that constitute the Lider brand. It has been the carrier of Superbrand status since 2007., in 2010. they have received the Best Buy Award (business magazine with the best price to quality ratio) and in 2011. they have received the Qudal Award for the Best Business Magazine. Lider is constantly finding new and innovative ways of distributing quality information and reaching their target market which is a great match for this partnership. We believe that we will both generate new ideas, find new means of reaching our audience and improve our quality so we could effectuate great results in times that are ahead.