Lider – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is delighted to announce that the partnership with Lider, one of the most influential weekly magazines in Croatia, has been renewed. The first issue of Lider magazine was released on 7th October 2005 and was simultaneously launched as a web-portal that offers daily reports about the most relevant business and political events in the country and the world.

Today, Lider’s portfolio includes printed edition of Lider magazine, special insertions that present useful information for decision-makers, up-to-date news on the web portal with over 100,000 monthly visitors and esteemed conferences on various topics. By organizing Adapting government-owned corporations to EU standards conference in early 2007, Lider announced a very successful expansion of activities to organizing conferences and seminars. Some of the most publically exposed conferences are Women in Business, Day of big plans, Smart Cities, etc. They have also developed clubs (Export, Family owned businesses and Student club) that gather companies and individuals in order to further develop a specific area or target group. Today, Lider holds the leading position in transforming business information into knowledge that can help and assist managers, entrepreneurs and students expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the dynamic business environment.

Since our mission and vision are complementary and goal being to develop our region in order to achieve growth, it is our great pleasure to partner with Lider. We are convinced that together we will enrich and develop businesses and spread the knowledge and mindset that is crucial for value creation and innovation. Both Lider and Innovation Institute have the responsibility to facilitate growth with knowledge creation and dissemination and we are certain that through this partnership we will achieve our goals.