Kinoteka – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is proud to announce a new partnership with Kinoteka, a renowned production company from Zagreb, Croatia. Kinoteka was established in 2009 by a team of young high-spirited professionals.

Kinoteka has positioned itself as one of the leading production companies in the production of dedicated and commercial films and comprehensive audiovisual content. In this sense, the company has established a long-term cooperation with the leading advertising agencies in Croatia, scientific institutes, museums, film festivals, and Croatian National Radio-Television, among many others.

As Kinoteka states “It is our mission to serve as a platform which should enable self-formation and a break-through of new young authors and innovative film expressions.” In an ever-growing environment of visualization and advertising, they have fresh view on advertising, film and other audiovisual content. Their goal is to produce quality content made by young authors and thereby supporting their work and providing a chance to make an impact in the movie industry.

We are pleased to have signed this partnership and cooperate with such a platform full of creativity, art and innovation. Making creativity and innovation even more structured for this industry will be a challenge, but we are truly convinced that through this partnership we will both achieve great results and explore new ways for growth and innovation.