ISKON – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is proud to announce a new partnership with Iskon, one of the most modern telecom companies in Croatia. Iskon was founded in 1997 in Čakovec where it all started as a project of few enthusiasts. Today they are part of the Croatian Telekom and all together have more than 200 employees. As a brand they are specific for alternative thinking and flexibility, where they can respond quickly to new trends and technologies, which is why Iskon is known for innovation and developed relationship with customers. Company continuously invests in quality improvement and development of new technologies, where their strategy is based on a different approach to the market, closer to the user and meeting their needs on an everyday basis. Today in Croatia they are recognized for their flexible, dynamic and entrepreneurial business culture where customer centricity is key along with excellent service quality. All of that comes with a certificate Employer Partner, which they gained due to their corporate culture and numerous opportunities their employees have for career and talent development. The certificate also represents an award for high standards in company`s human resource management, which gives us great pleasure to cooperate with Iskon on even further development of their managers and talents. It is excellent that they have taken such an important task and we are pleased to partner them along the way. We are convinced that during this partnership and in the future we will both benefit greatly and create new value for all our stakeholders and customers.