Hrvatski Telekom – Partner in value-creation



Innovation Institute is proud to announce a renewed partnership with the leading provider of telecommunication services in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom. HT offers a full range of services: it combines fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, Internet and international communications. HT is the market leader in several segments and by looking at various economic or other indicators it is easy to conclude that they are one of the biggest and most successful companies in the region. Today HT is rightly considered one of the most powerful economic entities in the country and, as such, has been one of the key drivers of Croatian economic development. Holding such strong position on the market and the economy and providing services to millions around the region puts HT in a position of great responsibility and importance. That is why the organizational structure and the business model of HT has been designed in a way that enables the company to be flexible and efficient as well as completely dedicated to customers. With the best infrastructure in Croatia, they provide services always and everywhere on a top quality level that is among highest standards in Europe. Being under the public eye, while giving their best to meet their clients` and customers` needs, their work never goes unnoticed. So far they received the prestigious Telekom Media & Communications Award, Global Telecom Business Award, Croatia Effie Award, Best Investor Relations Award, Zagreb Stock Exchange Award and many more. Although they are a large organization, their success is defined by relationships, both inside and outside the company, that create positive atmosphere and added value to every stakeholder in a way that everyone achieves prosperity. With continuous customer orientation and striving towards new opportunities and innovations that can create new value, Hrvatski Telekom represents a great partner for the Innovation Institute. We strongly believe that during this partnership we will both prosper and develop ourselves even more into organizations of the future and ones that change the world around us for the better.