GZH – Partner in value-creation




Innovation Institute is proud to announce the expansion of the partnership with GZH, one of the largest printing companies in Croatia, with a 140-year-long tradition. Since its founding in Zagreb in 1874 GZH has played an important role in Croatian cultural life, as a number of famous Croatian historical figures were involved in its development.

Throughout its long history GZH has been at the forefront of the printing and bookbinding industry, aiming at introducing and applying state-of-the-art technology and printing methods in order to always be able to maintain its leading position. As market conditions continually change and customer requirements constantly develop and grow, innovation assumes an increasingly significant role in the business.

Over the years GZH has kept pace with these changing trends and managed to deliver added value to its customers by its flexibility and ability to adapt. Seeking excellence in every aspect of its business and finding new solutions to existing and forthcoming challenges is what makes GZH so competitive and successful.

Innovation Institute will continue supporting GZH in these innovative initiatives, which will surely improve the performance of both our organizations and motivate us to work hard and further enhance our cooperation.