Gorenje Surovina – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is proud to announce a new partnership with Gorenje Surovina, one of the largest companies for comprehensive waste management services in Slovenia. City of Maribor founded the Surovina company in 1951. The ownership transformation was completed in 1998 when the company became a shareholding company with Gorenje plc as the majority owner. In 2010 the company changed its name into Gorenje Surovina.

The business activity of Gorenje Surovina is extraction of secondary raw materials from residue wastes. Their basic strategy and commitment is recycling and recovery of wastes.  This will also remain their basic principle in the future activities. Their aim is to constantly adopt new fields and materials for recycling, and also to spread activities across borders to other European countries. Their vision is to become the largest company for comprehensive waste management services in the Southeast Europe. The company is able to supply state-of-the art solutions for all sorts of waste to their partners in industry, local communities, and households.  Such activities provide them to manage the quantity of constantly growing wastes, and to fulfil their mission, which is reducing environmental nuisance by recycling, preparing secondary raw materials for recovery and using waste residues as the energy source.

We are honored to work together with Gorenje Surovina and we strongly believe that this partnership will grow our businesses even more and incorporate value creation in every step of the way.