Feravino – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to announce a new partnership with Feravino, a Croatian winery originating from the 18th century in Slavonija. In the area of ​​Slavonia, wine culture was brought in by Cistercians and Templars. In 1804, a living cellar was built today and the wine production started in the Feričanci region. The Feravino winery is a continental winery that puts special love, passion and knowledge in developing top-quality red wines, paying special attention to the queen of its vineyards, Frankovka, a grape variety which found its home on the gentle slopes of Krndija. Their wine through history was a faithful companion to famous writers and composers of this region. The famous guest of our noble family Mihalović was also a well-known composer Frantz Listz, whose work was inspired by their best wine sorts in feričanci region. Apart from top quality wine, they developed numerous activities available to wine lovers thus connecting wine and tourism of the Slavonian region. Quality of their production was recognized in many regional and international events and organizations where they have been honored with awards for quality and taste. Feravino strives towards being one of the best wine producers in Croatia and in the region, and it is our pleasure to partner together on developing great projects that will drive innovativeness and value in the long term.