Ericsson Nikola Tesla – Partner in value-creation




We are pleased to announce that we have extended our partnership with one of the most innovative companies in Croatia, Ericsson Nikola Tesla. The name, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, says much about the company itself. It unites the practical entrepreneurship of Lars Magnus Ericsson and the scientific spirit of the famous visionary Nikola Tesla whose inventions are built into the foundations of modern civilization. Since its` foundation, 1949, Nikola Tesla company has for many years been the largest specialized supplier of telecommunications equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. Over the last several years, since its` incorporation into Ericsson, it transformed into a modern company that primarily produces “brainware”, i.e. designs software and services and provides total communication solutions for global operators of fixed and mobile telephony and for large businesses worldwide. Being a producer of innovative technologies sets a very high level for corporate social responsibility and puts them in a hotspot. But in that matter Ericsson Nikola Tesla just keeps evolving year after year which is proven by numerous awards like the Global Telecom Business Award, a prestigious world reward for the most innovative projects, the Best CSR Practice Award in the category of employee care, the Investor Relations Award, Award for the best performance in the environmental care and climate change, CSR for ALL award and so on. Knowing their duties and responsibilities to all the related parties, Ericsson Nikola Tesla just strengthens its` position as one of the most wanted and best perceived companies in Croatia. By nurturing their entrepreneurial and inventive mindset, Ericsson Nikola Tesla holds great future in its` business and represents a valuable partner for the Innovation Institute.