DOK-ING – Bronze Partner for 2014-2016




Innovation Institute is proud to announce its new partnership with DOK-ING, a Croatian company specialized for production of robotized and special purpose systems and equipment. Being present in almost every continent, exporting 97% of their production and holding 65 percent of the world market of light demining machinery, puts DOK-ING at the top of medium sized companies in Croatia.

Innovation, as their biggest value and asset, is guiding them towards new ideas, new solutions, new creations and new markets making our world a better and safer place. Although it is not one of their priority projects, designing and producing the first ever Croatian electric car just shows the innovation capabilities that DOK-ING possesses. All the astonishing work was, among others, recognized by RSM International who handed The European Business Award to DOK-ING as one of the National Champions 2014/2015 representing Croatia in The Business of the Year Award with Turnover of €0-25m category.

Given the innovation culture and nurture of value creation at DOK-ING, it is a great pleasure for the Innovation Institute to connect and cooperate with a company that shares similar goals and values in its` business model. We are more than confident that this partnership will result in prosperity for both sides which will lead to positive change for us, our partners, customers and society. We welcome DOK-ING to the Innovation Institute!