Croata – Partner in value-creation


We are pleased to have signed a partnership with Croata, an exclusive brand which promotes enrichment of Croatian and world-wide cultural and historical heritage. Although they have a diverse portfolio, Croata is most famous for the cravat, a product that is connected to Croatia, from where it was spread all across Europe during the 17th century. Situated in the Croatian capital, company named Potomac d.o.o. continues to preserve the tradition of cravat production and so far has created a national symbol all across the globe. Croatian cravats are entirely made of silk, in various weaves whereas all of them are handmade and are distinguished by various details of flawless performance. The quality of the cravats, their cut, length and silk, are at the level of the world’s most respected brands where motives are modern, designed by Croatian stylists and they differ in accordance with various collections. Croata is an exclusive brand that is worn by presidents, prime ministers, bankers, business people, artists, athletes around the world and all the people who cherish and recognize true quality, tradition and modern design. Although it has centuries of tradition, a cravat made by Croata is constantly evolving according to current and future trends as well as the customer needs whilst putting together the historical value and modern fashion design. All that combined creates added value and a distinctive symbol of recognition that provides the customer with a position and status that is long lasting. We are sure that our partnership will create new opportunities that will help us achieve our goals and meet challenges that lie ahead.