Carlsberg – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is proud to announce a new partnership with Carlsberg, one of the top breweries in Croatia and member of one of the strongest beer companies in the world. The Panonian brewery was originally founded in 1971 and has become Carlsberg Croatia since 2004.

Since their beginnings they have implemented state of art quality systems and control measurements leading to setting standards for the industry. If we consider the fact they have one of the most modern and ecologically equipped factories in the region, latter doesn`t come as a surprise. Their portfolio consists of several international and local beer brands available to the regional market: Carlsberg, Tuborg, Holsten, Pan and Somersby. In the Croatian market they also distribute brands such as Budweiser Budvar and Guinnes. In 2010 they have introduced Somersby cider to the Croatian market thus developing an entire new product category and bringing innovation to consumers. Apart from creating new categories they have engaged in developing perceptual monopolies with Pan, where they transformed from a local city brand to the third strongest brand in Croatia. Their engagement in developing innovations continued with DraughtMaster™, a draft beer pouring system that changed the way draft beer was being distributed to end consumer at the same time keeping high quality for a long period of time. All of that combined with placing strong international brands to the market that are well known to beer consumers, placed them in the top three breweries in Croatia.

Carlsberg has a long tradition of engaging in innovation at different levels of business and it is a great foundation for our cooperation and partnership. We are convinced that even further engagement in value creation will be driven through this partnership and we look forward to future projects and cooperation.