B1 Plakati – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to present our extended partnership with B1 Plakati, one of the leading companies specialized in indoor and beach advertising in the region. They were established in 1998 and have been mounting advertising surfaces in places where the target group, precisely defined according to the nature of the location, already spends time. Combining Croatia and the region, B1 Plakati currently offers over 35,000 advertising surfaces among others encompass public transport, gas stations, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, promotion in pharmacies, veterinary institutions, beach advertising, shopping malls and business towers. The broad range of the portfolio enables them to apply a flexible approach to the client, to focus promotional messages on the desired target group, to provide a very long lasting feature and message, having a high frequency of repeated contact which enables the fulfillment of the highest requirements in modern-day marketing and ensures that the potential customers receive the promotional message. Since the market is very dynamic and consumer behavior is frequently changing, it is very important that a company like B1 Plakati constantly changes and meets the needs of clients as well as follows the focus and movements of consumers. The challenge of being in front of consumers and in their visible area with an instant impact on their movement in the right place and at the right time is very difficult and demanding. The ability of creating trends, being in places that consumers hardly expect and spotting changes with instant adaption is what makes B1 Plakati a market leader in their business. With their large impact they are constantly helping plenty of socially important issues that pertain the world around us while striving to impact the awareness or the necessary change. Their innovativeness and continuous effort on delivering new and added value to both their clients and consumers in the advertising process is what differentiates them from others and makes them a great partner with the Innovation Institute. We are more than convinced that we will both benefit greatly from this partnership and succeed in bringing innovations in our business as we strive towards excellence.