AutoZubak – Partner in value-creation


We are proud to announce that we have prolonged our partnership with the leading company in sales and maintenance of motor vehicles in Croatia, AutoZubak. With the tradition and the experience of over 35 years in the car industry, AutoZubak still remains one of the biggest car retail companies in Croatia with diversified set of both pre and post sales services which makes them unique on the market. As they say themselves, excellence, energy and innovation are the core values of the company which keep them strongly focused on their customer needs and lifetime value. Since the beginning they have launched numerous projects and services, where some didn`t even exist until then, that are a living proof of their innovativeness and effort to create a quality experience from the first to the last point of contact. Recently they launched a new brand called “Neostar” that puts them in one of the top positions in car services and sales of used vehicles. Besides that, they have done a great job with a subsidiary AZ Crobus that is producing buses and are active in business tourism with a complex in Žrnovnica called Veladrion. Even with their striving towards excellence, corporate social responsibility is one of their priorities. Helping the ones in need, plenty of donations, monitoring their ecological impact and accompaniment of every stakeholder just shows their eagerness to maintain both public and customer trust and loyalty. Despite all the started and forthcoming projects, they still seek for innovation in every aspect of their business process which makes them a great partner for the Innovation Institute. We both hope for plenty of new projects and great accomplishments that will surely emerge from this partnership.