Atlantic Grupa – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is proud to announce a renewed partnership with one of the leading food companies in the region, Atlantic Grupa. With a set of renowned regional brands which are, alongside the product range of external partners, supported by their own distribution system in the region, Atlantic Grupa serves more than 30 markets worldwide. Their products are highly represented in Russia, the CIS and Western European countries, and with its product range of sports food, Atlantic is the leading European player in this segment. Their brands have been in top seeds in the region for years and continue to grow year after year. Being a part of the food production industry sets an exceptional responsibility to the consumers, community and the environment. That is why Atlantic Grupa takes extreme care about the product safety and quality which made them a reliable and caring life partner for every consumer. Their social responsibility is absolutely astonishing and is probably one of the best examples in Croatia. Several programs, educations and awards for the employees, sports sponsorships, support for culture and socially vulnerable groups for the community, continuous global reports and strategic development for the environment as well as the corporate governance code and transparency for the investors are just some of the activities that Atlantic Grupa performs on its` daily basis taking a huge leap in terms of corporate social responsibility in Croatia. Numerous awards for both Atlantic Grupa and their brands just prove the fact that they are doing an excellent job and striving only towards excellence in every step of the way. They have recorded continuous growth in the last couple of years which makes them one of the most successful companies when it comes to growth accomplishments. With their effort on constant improvement, meeting the customer needs and innovation in every business aspect, Atlantic Grupa and Innovation Institute will surely take the best of this partnership and both strive towards new ideas and new potentials.