Arista Zara – Partner in value-creation


Innovation Institute is pleased to announce a new partnership with Arista Zara, a Croatian boat production company situated in Zadar. They produce high quality RIB and SIB boats for customers from all around the world. They offer both ready-made and custom-made solutions that meet diverse customer needs. In cases where customers want a high quality boat without knowing much about specific preferences and specifications, all the way to detailed specifications and needs from highly knowledgeable clients, Arista Zara designs, develops and delivers boats in the shortest amount of time. All of their products are made from top quality materials and mechanisms that guarantee long-term durability and esthetics. Their diverse range of boat and accessory equipment will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Their goal is to always exceed customer expectations and provide an easy, well informed and quick process of boat development and production. Customers remain always in the loop with progress information that they can monitor along the way. Although production of such demanding and custom high quality products can be rather ambiguous for the customer, Arista Zara manages it in order to deliver excellent experience throughout the process. The final product is just the representation of their business and shows striving towards excellence in every step of the way. It is our pleasure to partner with Arista Zara in order to develop great projects together that will drive innovativeness and value in the long term for both sides.