Amélie – Partner in value-creation

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Amélie, one of the best pastry shops in Zagreb and Croatia. With three locations throughout the city and freshly delivered products every day, they have become one of the favorite places for local and foreign sweets fans. In the beginning everything started as a vision of pastries and sweets produced only from home made and top quality supplies that will make every single product unique. In the automation and machine era where food production is automatized and produced massively, Amélie focused on hand-made products that rely on uniqueness of nature which makes everything so specific. Not every blueberry and not every orange have the exact same taste, which is the beauty of home-made pastries that customers love so much. Finished compositions, powders and other confectionery aids have no place in Amélie`s kitchen and every single supply is carefully picked in order to make a perfect sweet, day after day. Just last year they have also started their home-production of ice cream with few, but unique tastes on the market recognized by their customers. In their everyday offer they have a wide range of salty and sweet products like cakes, quiches, ice cream and maybe one of their most recognizable and favorite products, macarons. Since their products and methods are unique, we are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Amélie in order to create great mutual value. Innovation Institute programs are designed to provide great experience for participants beside world class scholars, and we are more than sure that with Amélie as a partner, they will enjoy even more.