Adris grupa – Partner in value-creation




Innovation Institute is pleased to present our renewed partnership with one of the most successful companies in Croatia and the region, Adris grupa. The aim of Adris grupa, as the center of the corporation, is to coordinate operations, management, investment and development of the entire system which has made the group a leader on the market according to the criteria of profitability, competitiveness and innovation. Adris is organized in three strategic business units (SBU). Tourism with Maistra at the helm, with fast growing food industry segment, where Cromaris is its flagship. By acquiring Croatia osiguranje in early 2014, Adris became the regional insurance industry leader as well. The capital created by the Group stays in Croatia and assists the development of the economy of the country and the region, while creating jobs at the same time. In the last five years, Adris has invested more than three billion kunas and provided a livelihood not only for 8,000 of its employees, but also for an even greater number of indirectly employed people. Their business strategy “Be the first, be better and be different” reflects their desire to be not just one of the most successful companies in the region, but also a socially responsible company facing the future and being a frontrunner in new economic trends. With their diverse set of activities that aim at maximizing the satisfaction of all interested parties and stakeholders, Adris grupa continues to hold a position of a strong and reliable partner. Aiming at exquisite performance in all their business processes and operations with a significant effort on value creation and innovation, Adris grupa most certainly represents a match with the strategy of Innovation Institute. We strongly believe that both sides will explore new possibilities, new ideas and creative solutions that will lead us to better performance and excellent results.