404 – On-line Partner for 2014-2016




Innovation Institute partnered with a recently opened communication and digital agency, an uprising star in the industry, 404. The agency’s team mostly consists of young enthusiastic PR and communication experts who are more than ready to make a change and differentiate 404 from the others.

It all started with a project 404 several years ago where they were hand-selling unused media space. The main point that stood up until today was to observe and understand unused resources and how to use them more effectively. Accordingly, 404 stands as a symbol of change, a transformation of the internet and communication where the agency will give its best to create and deliver added value to their clients.

The 404 agency has absolutely no interest in being a supplier on the market and in selling resources they have, but rather to be a partner who can create and develop solutions that can bring new value, potential and long term client and customer satisfaction.

Such attitude and a way of thinking is what brought us together in this partnership so we both could benefit from new ideas, new perspectives and synergy effects lead us to achieving common goals.