404 – Partner in value-creation

Innovation Institute is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with 404, one of the biggest PR and digital agencies in the region. They currently employ more than 70 experts covering all areas of both PR and digital, from digital marketing, creative development and media buying to performance marketing and analytics. It all started with a project 404 several years ago where they were handseling unused media space. The main point that stood up until today was to observe and understand unused resources and how to use them more effectively. Accordingly, 404 stands as a symbol of change, a transformation of the internet and communication where the agency will give their best to create and deliver added value to their clients. 404 is by itself an innovation on the Croatian market as an agency combining PR and digital in the period when agencies with a strong digital background were needed on the market. By starting Number 42 and SevenofNine companies, 404 has created an extraordinary technological capacity which is becoming our key competitive advantage. As a result, 404 has been one of the fastest growing, if not the fastest growing, agency in Croatia and the region in the last three years. In its mission to develop the media market and overall business culture, 404 has created several projects like Weekend Media Festival and B2B business run that aim at bringing and developing new trends and knowledge as well as improving the quality of life in Croatia. We are convinced that through this partnership both sides will benefit from new ideas, new perspectives and synergy effects that will make us prosper towards our common goals.